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James Harkness ~ Fragments Of Me

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James Harkness ~ Fragments Of Me
Monday, May 8, 2017 9:30 PM
Metropolitan Room, New York, NY
  • $25 Food / Bev Min
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  • Ticket Price: $20.00 - $115.00
  • Door Time: 9:00 PM
  • Show Type: Cabaret
  • Restrictions: $25 Food / Bev Min
James Harkness ~ Fragments Of Me
When this opportunity to present a show of my own compositions was so kindly and frankly offered to me with a "Why not? What do you have to be afraid of?" earnestness, what was I going to do? I have been in 5 Broadway shows, done movies, tv, performed on stages in front of thousands of people. But this??! Sitting in an intimate room with people almost right in your face listening to songs they've never heard that you wrote. That scares me. So I accepted. Thank you Joseph Macchia for seeing more than I did and thank you to my dearest friend Jared Joseph for the "Boy, if you don't...!" kick in the pants! 
As I sat to compile a list of songs I would like to perform live for the first time ever (omg!) in my own show (OMG!!!) and then started to whittle that list down, I noticed the songs all came from different places within me from different times. Nothing was linear. Some songs, even the ones I wrote for someone else, are quite relevant to how I feel now and others, a firm part of me though the experience that prompted them had passed. And some were just sketches, waiting... So many pieces and parts laying there on a page looking up at me. Fragments of myself. Fragments Of Me.
So here I am. This experience and all who have been a part of it has been and will be intensely special for the rest of my life. It's only your first time once and I thank you from my heart for being a part of it and thereby becoming a part of me.