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Leaps & Bounds ~ A Personal Growth Workshop

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Leaps & Bounds ~ A Personal Growth Workshop
Sunday, May 7, 2017 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Metropolitan Room, New York, NY
  • includes non-alc bev & light appetizers
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Ticket Sales Closed for this show!
Show has been cancelled.
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  • Ticket Price: $49.00
  • Door Time: 10:15 AM
  • Show Type: Seminar
  • Restrictions: includes non-alc bev & light appetizers
"In four hours, I'll open your eyes to the world within our world and you'll be BLOWN AWAY with how SIMPLE the nature of our Universe really is. Imagine living life more PEACEFULLY internally with LESS WORRY, LESS FRUSTRATION, TRUE JOY and GENUINE GRATITUDE for the gift of life. If you really want this, you can have it." ~ Dr. Bernard Furshpan Leaps & Bounds is an Interactive, Enlightening and Transforming Workshop that will CHANGE your VIEW OF LIFE, WORK, CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS and YOURSELF... FOREVER! Are you READY to ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES and CONNECT with your true self NOW? This five hour intensive workshop will OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN to the FOUR FUNDAMENTAL COMPONENTS OF REALITY and how they create everything. You will GAIN KNOWLEDGE that will empower you to transform your frustration and procrastination into clear vision and movements towards REAL SUCCESS in life. Based on ancient philosophies and modern physics, Dr. Furshpan will teach you a technique he developed to quickly stop the mind from over-thinking life situations. This "Simple Physics" technique is not a form of meditation or yoga. It's simply a "Short-circuiting" of thoughts that liberates your ability to HANDLE LIFE WITH CLARITY and WISDOM -- intuition direct from the source of nature. For the first time in Self-Help and Transforming Practices, this process will show you how to DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN EMOTIONAL THOUGHT AND INTUITIVE WISDOM and you'll become better prepared to make decisions that come from FEARLESS CALM -- benevolent to both you and those around you. Best of all... others won't have the ability to push "your buttons" anymore. 
About Your Workshop Leader:
In a city where the art of cabaret is served by less than a handful of venues, The Metropolitan Room (named NYC’s # 1 jazz/cabaret venue by New York Magazine) has been flourishing. And it is Dr. Bernard Furshpan, who not only owns the space, but tends to it in a manner that is unusually generous and civilized. Bernie, as he is called by everyone, is not your typical restaurateur, as he has had a career the most accomplished polymath would envy.
The Long Island resident was born in Israel and came to this country in 1963 to be raised in Brooklyn, where he graduated with honors from James Madison High School. Bernie was athletic, and civic minded—he held the office of Vice President of MEDEX—a very ambitious High School pre-med program congruent to being a member of the high school backstroke swimming team.
Later, when a pre-med student at Stony Brook University, the tireless young man found time to be a drummer in the rock band, J&B, and a was cartoonist for the Fortnight and Statesman publications. Dr. Furshpan went from graduating New York Chiropractic College to owning one of the largest practices in New York State for 27 years. While practicing he invented the Furshpan Maneuver to correct disc bulges and herniations. Never forgetting his love of sport, he produced one of the biggest sponsorship pitches on behalf of NASCAR to Nextel for the Cup Series. Finally, before taking ownership of The Metropolitan Room, he summited Mount Kilimanjaro on his 50th birthday and delved into a successful comedy career.
One must hold a unique life philosophy to be able to rack up such a list of achievements and keep one’s sanity. Dr. Furshpan wants to share the motivation behind his inspiring and creative career and lifestyle. Starting back in 1977, Bernie has been educating people using his life experiences as an example with a compilation of lectures and seminars. These seminars feature an understanding of how the world “actually works” with an earthly wisdom that enables folks around him to benefit from his practical way of grasping a heightened reality.
He demonstrates how lifting the hood of the "vehicles" of our personal and business lives reveals the mechanics and the workings of all things in nature. Understanding these basic mechanisms and systems allows one to be steps ahead of the game. Dr. Furshpan attributes his ultra-successful careers and businesses to his ability to separate emotional streams of thought from his intuitive self. He has developed a technique which helps make personal and business decisions that are benevolent to both himself and those around him.  Dr. Furshpan incorporates the understanding of quantum physics and ancient practices to explain the  aspects of the fundamental life cycles that exist and the commonality of experience.  Using his system allows one to predict behavior and succeed in all aspects of life.
Seats are Limited and this workshop tends to SELL OUT so REGISTER NOW to save your seat.
The $49 Introductory Workshop includes a WORKBOOK, BEVERAGES and LIGHT APPETIZERS.
The LEAPS & BOUNDS WORKSHOP will begin promptly at 11am. You MUST SIGN IN between 10:15am and 10:45am.