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Rosemary Loar

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Rosemary Loar
Saturday, October 1, 2016 4:00 PM
Metropolitan Room, New York, NY
  • 2 Bev Min
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Ticket Sales Closed for this show!
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  • Ticket Price: $25.00 - $115.00
  • Door Time: 3:30 PM
  • Show Type: Cabaret
  • Restrictions: 2 Bev Min
ROSEMARY LOAR has been performing standout cabaret shows in New York City for more than 30 years and in 2012 the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (MAC) recognized Rosemary’s continued excellence with their prestigious “Hanson Award.” But Rosemary Loar is an artist who would never rest on her laurels after being given an award. Since 2012, she has staged two critically acclaimed cabaret shows at the Metropolitan Room (WHEN HARRY MET THE DUKE and STING*chronicity), as well as writing the book and music for two Off-Broadway Musicals, SPOOLIE GIRL and her most recent production, WATER FROM THE MOON. 
In the years before her most recent projects, Rosemary was an accomplished Broadway musical theater performer in shows such as SUNSET BOULEVARD, CHESS and CATS. She also performed her jazz cabaret act and rock concerts in almost every venue in New York. One of the best shows Rosemary ever produced was her 2006 effort, THE QUANDO SWING (also released as a CD in 2007). And on this April night she performs it again when she’s at the height of her talent as a singer, musician, storyteller, and comedienne. 
With THE QUANDO SWING, you can expect the unexpected as Rosemary Loar offers jazz as a smorgasbord and standards with a modern take. The show is a feast of incredible tastes and textures. In this evening of wonderful music, there is laughter, poignancy and reflection. As Rosemary progresses through her program, you find yourself reminded of the light effervescence of Ella Fitzgerald, the smoldering intensity of Billie Holiday, and the haunting tones of Peggy Lee. Rosemary can flit into a light and bouncy “word-scat” a la Annie Ross, lay back soulful and sultry (“I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But the Blues”), or hypnotize with a pretty love ballad (“Prelude To A Kiss”). And Rosemary Loar brings one more flavor to every show that is uniquely her own--a quirky and spontaneous sense of humor. 

Here’s what the critics said about Rosemary Loar and THE QUANDO SWING:
“Since Broadway can't seem to keep talents of this magnitude occupied audiences starved for good music and solid entertainment can be grateful that cabaret and Rosemary Loar have found one another.” –New York Post
“Loar has that little touch of madness. Loar reminds one of performers such as Beatrice Lillie and Madeline Kahn . . . It's the interjections of nuttiness (and naughtiness) that makes Loar someone worth watching.” --Back Stage
“Showing skill as a songstress and songwriter, Rosemary Loar maneuvered her way through a self created forest of singing styles and topics. Her approach ranged from jazz to operatic to show tune, sometimes utilizing all three styles on a single song.” --Variety
“There is a very emotional core to her interpretations. She performs with a zest that is thrilling and captivating on many levels. It's hard not to be impressed with one so attractive and brimming over with such talent.” --After Dark